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I bought an item with in-boutique collection. Can I cancel it?

Yes, you can cancel an order with in-boutique collection by contacting our Client Service Department.

I cannot collect the item I ordered online in person via in-boutique collection. Can I send another person?

Yes, you may delegate another person to collect the goods. However, please note that the following documents are required: written authorisation from the purchaser, a copy of the purchaser's ID, a copy of the order confirmation and a personal document.

Can I use different addresses for billing and shipping?

Yes, but please ensure that the billing address matches the one linked to the payment method you have chosen to use.

I placed an order at Marni.com. When will I be charged?

The amount will be debited when the goods are dispatched or collected.

Can I place an order by telephone with the Marni Client Service Department?

Yes, you can contact our Client Service Department, who will be happy to assist you with your purchase.

My order was not successful What can I do?

If there is a problem with your payment, please contact your bank or card issuer.

What happens if I cannot collect an order from the boutique within 7 days?

If you do not collect your order within 7 days of its arrival in store, you will be contacted by our Client Service Department to let them know when you will visit the boutique to collect it.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Once you have placed your order, you will not be able to change it in any way. If you notice an error in the shipping/delivery information or you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible.



I do not like the item I bought. Can I exchange it for another one?

You can currently only exchange for a different size or color.

I lost the return label. What do I have to do to get a new one?

If you need a new return label, please contact our Client Service Department.

I returned an item. Will shipping costs also be refunded?

No, shipping costs will not be refunded.

I bought an item at Marni.com and encountered a problem. How can I return it?

Please contact our Client Service Department.

I sent a return request, but I have changed my mind and would like to keep the item. Is this possible?

Yes, please contact our Client Service Department to cancel your return request.

When trying on a garment, I removed the label. Can I still request a refund?

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Sale, the label is one of the prerequisites for the return to be accepted. Please note that the other conditions to be met are as follows:
• All items must be returned in their original condition
• Items that have been worn, used, altered or damaged will not be accepted.

I filled out the exchange request online and received a cancellation email. What happened?

The system has detected that the size or color you requested is missing and we are therefore unable to exchange the item.

Can I go to a store to change size or color?

The size or color change service is only available online and not in our boutiques. However, our sales staff will be happy to process an immediate return so that you can purchase the new product directly in store.

If I return an item at a boutique, will I receive a paper receipt stating that I have returned the product?

To be more sustainable, we have decided to do away with paper receipts. You will therefore receive a confirmation email while in the boutique once the return has been processed.

Can I return an item with a courier of my choice?

You can do this but, if you do, we will not be responsible for any damage or loss.

If I buy an item on sale online, can I still return it?

Yes, even products on sale can be returned.



Can I change the delivery address myself?

A change of address must always be authorised by our Client Service Department.

According to the tracking service, my package was delivered but I did not receive it. What should I do?

Please contact our Client Service Department.

Is a signature always required upon receipt of a delivery?

Yes, to ensure greater security, a signature is always required.



How do I delete my account?

Please send an email to privacy@marni.com.

I cannot access my account. What should I do?

Please contact our Client Service Department.

How can I unsubscribe from the Newsletter?

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the Unsubscribe option at the bottom of our newsletters.

Can I use the same details to log into my account in a country other than the one I initially registered in?

Yes, you can do this, but your preferred payment methods and shipping addresses saved to your profile will not be visible.

Can I use the same email address to create a new account in another country?

You will not need to create a new account because the one you have already created can be accessed in any country.



Is TAX FREE available in US stores or at marni.com?

It is not available through these sales channels.

Is TAX FREE available in JP stores or at marni.com?

It can be requested in stores, but is not available for online purchases