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Marni Spring/Summer 2021 is not about the clothing. And yet it is all about the clothing. Clothes as collective connectors coming from, and creating, a community.

It is not about the process. And yet it is all about the process. The process of making things collectively in the studio, and the process of wearing things individually, in life. The process of exchanging ideas and see these ideas turning into words, these words turning into pieces of clothing.

The sense of belonging and the shared emotional heritage makes this collection profoundly meaningful, 

a declaration of intent of sorts or, in better words, a MARNIFESTO.

Cropping a coat, slashing a bathing suit to turn it into a tank top, gluing a thick sole to a pair of shoes, adding an extra long zip to a bag to make it look like a torpedo, cutting a tutu in two. Long, short, lean, roomy, frayed, patent, cotton, leather, gauze, and then flowers, stripes and words - Marni Spring/Summer 2021 is a complete deconstruction of shapes, textures and patterns. 

Marni points the digital fashion show to the necessity, unity, inequality, beauty, isolation, intimacy, retrenchment, change and struggle, marking 2020. MARNIFESTO weaves together 47 narratives as they unfold, live. Made in collaboration with every person walking the show, shot by their lovers, family and friends. From Milan to LA, New York to Dakar, Shanghai to London; Paris to Tokyo.