‘After chaos, order.
This is the second chapter to the Spring Summer 2020 Marni Fashion Show,
where bottles collected from the sea had built a roof of green, blue and white, beaming us sub-marine.
Now, we are surfacing again: the tropical waterfront and the endless jungle behind it.

But something’s wrong here. Is this nature?

The palms are spotted with grids in several colors – an almost comical surface for these plants.
The wing-shaped leaves bend in the moving air, but are a tiny bit too heavy, too stiff to come across as natural.

They are made from plastic used in the ACT I.

Recycled plastic forms leaves, bending in the wind, building a roof, even growing through the ceiling.

The photosynthesis is just an imagination, instead other cycles of transformations are activated. Recycled plastic growing out of cardboard stems.

The cardboard adds another idea of the cycle of materials. Made from wood, mechanical pulp, cellulose fiber, and old clothing, they add a momentum of natural source materials. The material is omnipresent in transport of goods worldwide, and in the world of fashion – now it takes on a new form.

A new form that can’t be stopped in its growing:
we celebrate the power of new ideas and a fashion that fights for the awareness of such a beauty, being able to cross any limitations.’
Judith Hopf

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