It’s an evocative voyage into the colours and sensations of Colombia and a discovery of artisan traditions to preserve, traditions to which Marni brings an innovative approach.

The Marni Salone del Mobile 2018 is a Vereda festival.

Las Veredas are tiny urban settlements that develop around one or two streets or a cluster of houses, giving rise to small rural communities. Within these, each person is a point of reference for the others, in each Vereda sharing and know-how are the central elements of everyday life.

The Marni Vereda is a place where colours, tastes and folklore are the backdrop to the new collection of furnishings and accessories of the brand that, this year, is enriched by new crafts and materials. The now celebrated chairs explore unexpected forms; the backs open into striking peacock tails or take the shape of dreaming birds. The usual PVC weaves give way every so often to a new texture that has a loom-woven effect, bringing sinuous designs to life, an addition to the classical stripes and to the more linear geometric patterns.

The artisan workmanship, which has always been a distinctive feature of the Marni projects linked with the Salone del Mobile, is expressed this year through further collaborations with communities in different areas of Colombia. They bring their traditions to Milan, and are reinterpreted by Marni through its playful and experimental approach. The result is a series of items added to the furnishing accessories: the papier-mâché and bead chickens are hand made by a community of women from Villanueva, in the Casanare Department: truly unique pieces, each one the result of 4 days’ work.

The baskets made by weaving willow stems and branches, a centuries-old tradition that is handed down from father to son in the ancient city of Ibagué in the Tolima region, have their construction reworked: for the first time the artisans add filaments of coloured plastic to the wicker weave.

The women of Curitì in the Santander district hand-process the agave to create a 100% organic and strong textile fibre which is used to make the bags that Marni block-prints in rich colours.

And finally, visitors are greeted by colourful hammocks in loom-woven cotton, a legacy of the communities that populate the country’s Atlantic coast.

Each of these items is hand made with care and contributes to a very special cause. As with previous years, Marni’s Salone del Mobile project supports a children’s charity, and part of the profits from the sale of the products will finance “La casa sull’albero” project, promoted by Piccolo Principe S.C.S Onlus, to give help to minors and their families who have taken the road to adoption and to fostering children in the province of Milan.

Marni La Vereda will be in Viale Umbria 42 from 19th to 22nd April.