The reflection on Play, which has always been an integral part of the Marni aesthetic paradigm, is the starting point for this voyage of discovery. It is expressed through a series of personalities who seem to have come from another planet, where simplicity and light-heartedness reign supreme. Where every being moves suspended between fairy tale and abstraction, in an irresistible mix of fairy-tale elements, geometry and pure colour. These are the Marni Visitors, marionettes made in painted wood and colourful resins, created for children but designed to make adults smile as well.

Half way between toy and sculpture, these stylised human and animal figures are a homage to the innocence that lies within us all and that Marni designs continuously aspire towards.
The fascination for the past and for tradition lives on, not just through the rediscovery of playthings from the past such as marionettes, but also through the revival of the techniques typical of the costume jewellery in the Marni archives. Techniques revived through the Visitors, through the skilled hands of the Colombian artisans who collaborate, as ever, on the brand’s special projects.

The Marni Visitors will be in the Marni boutique for the whole Christmas holidays period.
Proceeds will be donated to the Piccolo Principe association (, which helps disadvantaged children aged 0 to 5, through the Orso Baloo community, within the Province of Milan.