Launched in 1994, Marni is a luxury brand favored by a discerning coterie of international women who are curious and sophisticated: not necessarily fashion-driven, but with a strong identity and a personal vision. The Marni woman is hard to pinpoint. Elusive and arty, she likes to play with forms, prints, textures and colors. Marni is in fact, essentially, a mindset: slightly out of the schemes and subtly subversive. It’s a quirky, unpredictable visual language: graphic, rigorous. Consuelo Castiglioni is the author. The Swiss-born designer conveys her personal sense of elegance and experimental approach to materials and colors, her unique flair for mixing prints and shapes in collections that are at once irreverent and emotional, with an eclectic yet coherent flavor. Age and status are irrelevant to her: she encourages women to express themselves through clothes, mixing pieces from different seasons in endlessly new, utterly individual permutations. Far from being a diktat, Marni is a range of possibilities. It knows no boundaries or impositions: this is how Consuelo conceives style. Her signature is timeless, her approach avant-garde. In an ongoing dialogue with the art world, Consuelo involves artists, both established and up-and-coming, in special projects for both retail and product. A family business in the best Italian tradition, Marni is a standout example of the qualities that make the Made in Italy label relevant. Everything, from prototypes to final pieces, is made in-house in the Milano headquarters, ensuring the highest level of quality, something Consuelo does not want to compromise. In 2012 Marni joined OTB Group. The core business focuses on Women’s Ready to Wear, Bags and Shoes. The lifestyle product lines include Bijoux, Eyewear, Menswear and Accessories, Children’s Wear and Fragrances. Since 2000, Marni has developed a strong flagship retail presence both offline and online. The flagship stores and shops-in-shop are as innovative, unique and non-standard as the clothes on display. Marni has also gained worldwide brand recognition through key specialty shops and the most important department stores. Furthermore, the brand pioneered web retail, focusing on the online store, which depicts the Marni world through e-commerce as well as two distinct editorial channels: Anticamera magazine and the Waffling blog. Marni’s success is built on a signature that is both elusive and unmistakable. It is a celebration of individuality, instinct and personality, with a sense of feminine pragmatism and borderless artistic invention.